Cmpe 540 - Artificial Intelligence

This course provides general problem solving methods in artificial intelligence, search methods, production systems, games and heuristics, knowledge representation and artificial intelligence languages.

The course mainly follows Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach, Stuart Russell Peter Norvig, 3e, Pearson, 2010.

  1. Agents & Uninformed Search
  2. A* Search, Heuristics, Local Search & Search-Based Agents
  3. Bayesian Decision Theory
  4. Game Playing
  5. Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP)
  6. Propositional Logic: Semantics and Inference
  7. Logical Agents
  8. First-Order Logic (FOL)
  9. Inference in FOL
  10. Probability, Bayes Nets and Inference
  11. Temporal Models
  12. Markov Models (MM) and Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
  13. Inference in MM
  14. Advanced Topics: Robotics and Deep Learning

Course page of last available semester: Spring 2018
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