Cmpe 58Y - Robot Learning

This course is about

  • “general” approaches that aim development of robot intelligence
  • “more focused” advanced learning methods that endow robots with a particular set of sensorimotor skills

To get a grasp of general approaches, we study the general framework of

  • developmental robotics
  • active learning and intrinsic motivation
  • bottom-up skill development
  • symbol acquisition.

These approaches are formulated mostly in an interdisciplinary manner, in relation to the findings from

  • infant development
  • human information processing
  • experimental and ecological psychology.

For the latter one, we will focus on particular methods that are effective in learning manipulation skills and sensorimotor representations such as learning by demonstration, grasp learning, and probabilistic modeling. Rather than detailed analysis of the Machine Learning methods, we will focus on their exploitation for different robot learning problems.

Course page of last available semester: Spring 2018
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